‘Good Scientific Practice’ is a document produced by the Academy for Healthcare Science, outlining the values that Healthcare Scientists across a wide range of specialisms should demonstrate in their working life.

It is split into five key domains, distinguished by colour in the summary. These are Professional Practice (yellow), Scientific Practice (purple), Clinical Practice (green), Research, development and innovation (blue), and Clinical Leadership (red).

It’s a good document to be aware of for focussing professional development. Many of the competencies for the STP training scheme are taken directly from Good Scientific Practice, highlighting the importance of developing NHS scientists who adhere to these core characteristics and behaviours.

In 2020, the traditional end-point assessment for the STP, the OSFA exam, has been replaced by an individual reflection where trainees must critically assess their readiness to practise in line with Good Scientific Practice. Now therefore seemed the perfect time to create a summary to aid myself and others with this reflection.

The full version of Good Scientific Practice from the AHCS can be found here.

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